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Who are Troia Traders?

Troia Traders is a trading organization that has been actively trading since 2010, providing you with the best service with its market experience and analysis team from all over the world. On social media, it has been actively sharing its analysis since 2019 and has become the fastest growing trading channel with your support.


Eğitim paketimizi satın aldıktan sonra buradan eğitim paneline erişebilirsiniz.


    Our training content consists of Basic and Technical trainings.

    Our training includes both detailed Price Action and Elliott Wave Theorem contents. It has a minimum of 40 hours and a maximum of 40 hours and is always updated.

    🔴 15+ hours of Price Action
    🔴 10+ hours of Technical Analysis
    🔴 15+ hours of Elliott Waves

    The opportunity to do live Q&A with traders who are experts in both PA and EW, as well as the opportunity to enter and exit trades together.

    1 question 1 answer to each video chat room and live broadcasts during certain business hours to reinforce learning.

    Audio interviews and live analysis with Troia Traders. Our team that takes care of you during certain hours every day to complete your missing basic information.


    Very short - Short - Medium and Long term both Altcoin and Bitcoin analysis.

    24/7 Crypto market updates.

    Bitcoin Altcoin transactions. (Enter - Target - Stop)

    Futures transactions. (Enter - Target - Stop)

    Request altcoin analytics. (For your own development)

    Analysis of why all transactions succeed or fail.

    Chat facility for exchange of information between members. Great chat channels and a warm environment for information exchange in all areas.

    Live broadcasts. Especially voice chats with our team leaders.


    In our group, we take advantage of whatever opportunities the market offers us.

    If the market is suitable for spot trading, very simple transactions with a clear target and stop as spot.

    If the market is suitable for futures, targeted and stop LONG-SHORT transactions.

    We follow trends such as NFT, Metaverse, Artificial Intelligence and WEB3, and we do not miss the pre-sales.

    We examine the coins in which TroiaRobot has a serious BUY signal, technically, PA and Elliot, and share them in the group by choosing the ones closest to the support zone. Thus, we can capture 100% and above profits against only 10% stop risk.

    In addition, we can take transactions according to the graphics that our valuable teachers find and like.

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Who is this training suitable for?

This course will take you from basic to advanced so it is suitable for anyone interested in this field.

What apps should we use?


Binance (Preferred exchange)

Tradingview (for chart analysis)



Can I change my Telegram and discord addresses?

Unfortunately, it is not suitable for account change, as a personal link is created.

Do the packages on the page provide a profit guarantee?

If you pay attention from start to finish and start trading exactly as we teach, you can make money. But this is your responsibility. Our content does not guarantee earnings.

Is new content being added?

Our team will continue to add content to the training day by day with your feedback.

Is there a refund?

Unfortunately, as per our policy, refunds are not available.