In addition to Technical and Basic trainings, Price Action training from expert instructors and Elliott Wave Theorem training by the expert team are also included in our content.

Our training, which we designed as a minimum of 40 hours, is designed to be updated frequently in order not to succumb to time.

Question and answer opportunities will be provided to reinforce your learning.

Opportunity to interview with our Troia Traders team leader and live analysis.

Our team that takes care of you during certain hours every day to complete your missing basic information.

Special discord roles will be given to the education community so that only those who purchased the training can exchange information with each other.
  1. Risk management
  2. Introduction to Price Action and Market Structure
  3. Liquidity Concept
  4. Order Block
  5. Optimal Trade Entry
  6. Supply/Demand Zones S/R Flip
  7. Consolidations ( Accumulation - Distribution - Manipulation)
  8. range
  9. Breaker, BreakerBlock,
  10. Mitigation, Mitigation Block Imbalance,FVG,Liquidity Void
  11. SFP
  12. Quasimado Pattern
  13. FTR-FTB
  14. RBR - DBD
  15. Candles and Strategies
  16. correlations
  17. Chart Creation and HTF-LTF Trading Strategy
  18. How to Backtest?
    1. Using Tradingview
    2. Support-Resistance
    3. trend
    4. Fibonacci Support, Resistance & OTE
    5. Supply-Demand Regions
    6. triangles
    7. Flag-Pennant-Wedge
    8. Double Bottom – Double Top
    9. Cup-Handle, Man-Eve
    10. OBO-TOBO
    11. AB=CD
    12. Wolfe
    13. Indicators and Oscillators
    14. MA-EMA
    15. Bollinger Bands
    16. MACD
    17. Ichimoku Cloud
    18. RSI-Stochastic RSI
    19. Volume Profiles
    20. TDSequantial
    21. incompatibilities

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      After purchasing any of our packages, send a screenshot of your receipt and invoice, your telegram username and your discord username ( troia#1122) to @cryptotroia_ali account from our Telegram page. You will receive your group-to-group purchase within 3 working days. Your membership period will begin after you are added to the group.

      How will the lessons progress once I receive the training?

      After purchasing the training, take a screenshot of your invoice and receipt @cryptotroia_ali. For training videos, a special telegram group link and a EDUCATION role will be given to your discord username.

      How and when will I join live chats?

      Live interviews will be held on discord. There will be live meeting hours from our announcement channel on Discord.

      I don't know how to use Discord, what should I do?

      After joining our Discord group, we have a team to help you.

      I can analyze but I always lose, what should I do?

      Most of our friends participating in our training group are in this situation. The purpose of establishing this group is to enable them to reach us easily and to solve the questions sent to us.

      Will there be a chat group?

      Both our training and discord groups will have separate and shared chat rooms. There are sections where you can chat among yourself and ask questions to us.


      You can contact us 24/7 via Telegram. Our Telegram username @troiatrader can be reached directly from the link below. Messages are returned within 3 business days.